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XV6 Transverter for the 6m-Band (for 2m or 10m exciter)

The XV6 is a linear transverter for the 6m band to be used with a 2m (XV6-2) or 10m transceiver (XV6-10). Despite of its affordable price it has excellent data and is optimized for reproducibility
Scope of delivery
printed circiut board, all electrical and mechanical components including connectors, enclosure and heat sink, detailed manual.
Price, kit 125,- EUR
Price ready-made unit on request
download the Construction manual (PDF)here

input frequency 28 ... 30 MHz (XV6-10)
144 ... 146 MHz (XV6-2)
output frequency 50 ... 52 MHz
supply voltage 11.5 ... 13.8 Volt
current consumption (RX/TX) 0.04A / 1.5A
size 75x115x50mm (incl. heatsink)
Receiver :
noise figure <3 dB
gain 20 dB
image rejection>70 dB
IP3e0 dBm
Transmitter :
TX output power at 13,8 V5 Watts
input power 0.1 ... 10 Watts adjustable
spurious rejection>56 dB